「ESG 約章」行動

「ESG 约章」行动

ESG Charter

萬士博(亞洲)有限公司榮獲由「ESG 約章」行動所頒發的企業永續獎,獲認證為可持續發展的先行者,    我們將繼續汲取可持續發展的先進理念,融入職場,提升公司的競爭力,推動企業環境保護,建設美好營商環境。

万士博(亚洲)有限公司荣获由「ESG 约章」行动所颁发的企业永续奖,获认证为可持续发展的先行者,    我们将继续汲取可持续发展的先进理念,融入职场,提升公司的竞争力,推动企业环境保护,建设美好营商环境。

"MaxiPro (Asia) Limited has been awarded the Corporate Sustainability Award by the ESG Charter Action, recognizing the company as a pioneer in sustainable development. We will continue to embrace advanced sustainable development concepts, integrate them into the workplace, enhance our company's competitiveness, promote corporate environmental protection, and contribute to creating a better business environment."