Interzoo 2018 國際寵物展

Interzoo 2018 国际宠物展

Interzoo 2018

於2018年5月8 至11日舉行的Interzoo 2018國際寵物展已在德國紐倫堡圓滿結束。今屆Interzoo展館場地擴張至12萬平方米,屬全球最巨規模的寵物展,吸引70個國家共1,900+ 個參展商參加,是歷年來新高。這次是Kakato卡格高級寵物食品第三次參展。一如既往、我們的目標是繼續把健康的寵物膳食概念介紹給全世界。

于2018年5月8 至11日举行的Interzoo 2018国际宠物展已在德国纽伦堡圆满结束。今届Interzoo展馆场地扩张至12万平方米,属全球最巨规模的宠物展,吸引70个国家共1,900+ 个参展商参加,是历年来新高。这次是Kakato卡格高级宠物食品第三次参展。一如既往、我们的目标是继续把健康的宠物膳食概念介绍给全世界。

Interzoo 2018, an international pet fair held from 8th to 11th May 2018 in Nuremberg, Germany has been brought to a successful close. This year the exhibition venue has been expanded to 120,000 square meters and attracted 1,900+ exhibitors from 70 countries to join.It is the third time for Kakato Premium Pet Food to participate in the fair aiming to continuously introduce our healthy pet diet concept to the world.