SPCA "Care, Acceptant & Respect for Aninals" Charity Microfilm Screening

由Kakato「卡格」高級寵物食品獨家贊助,愛護動物協會主辦的「關愛動物,尊重生命」微電影慈善場,已於5月16日於UA Cine MOKO順利放映完畢。感謝所有出席活動的人士,希望大家可以將正確愛護動物的觀念傳播。

由Kakato「卡格」高级宠物食品独家赞助,爱护动物协会主办的「关爱动物,尊重生命」微电影慈善场,已于5月16日于UA Cine MOKO顺利放映完毕。感谢所有出席活动的人士,希望大家可以将正确爱护动物的观念传播。

Exclusively sponsored by Kakato premium pet food, the "Care, Acceptant & Respect for Aninals" Charity Microfilm Screening, organized by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), was successfully screened at UA Cine MOKO on May 16th. We would like to express our gratitude to all attendees and hope that everyone can help spread the message of responsible animal care.